Can you list the functions of your SC-JT-63 smart WiFi circuit breaker?

Can you list the functions of your SC-JT-63 smart WiFi circuit breaker?

Can you list the functions of your SC-JT-63 smart WiFi circuit breaker?

Of course!Let me introduce function that it has to you!

    • Basic power control functionality, allowing users to remotely turn devices or appliances connected to the circuit on or off.
  1. 2.Timing:

    • Enables users to schedule specific times for the circuit breaker to automatically turn on or off, providing a convenient way to manage power usage.
  2. 3.Automatic Reclosing:

    • This feature automatically restores power after a temporary fault or disruption, enhancing the reliability of the electrical system.
  3. 4.Metering (Prepaid function):

    • Includes a metering function that measures and tracks electricity consumption. The prepaid function allows users to prepay for a certain amount of electricity, promoting better budgeting and control.
  4. 5.Over Current (Adjustable):

    • Adjustable overcurrent protection helps prevent damage to connected devices by cutting off power in the event of a current overload.
  5. 6.Remote Control:

    • Allows users to control the circuit breaker remotely through a smartphone app or other remote control methods, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  6. 7.Voice Control:

    • Integrates with voice control systems, enabling users to operate the circuit breaker using voice commands for a hands-free experience.
  7. 8.Easy to Install:

    • Designed with user-friendly installation features, ensuring that users can set up the smart circuit breaker easily without the need for complex procedures.
  8. 9.Short Circuit Protection:

    • Provides protection against short circuits by quickly disconnecting the power supply to prevent damage to the circuit and connected devices.
  9. 10.Over/Under Voltage (Adjustable):

    • Adjustable over/under voltage protection safeguards devices by disconnecting power in case of voltage fluctuations beyond set thresholds.
  10. 11.Reclosing Time/Times (Adjustable):

    • Adjustable reclosing settings allow users to customize the time delay and number of attempts before the circuit breaker restores power after a disruption.
  11. 12.Temperature (Adjustable):

    • Monitors and responds to temperature changes, with adjustable settings to trigger actions based on temperature thresholds, contributing to safety and device protection. If you are interested in this product, you can click here to leave your contact information, and our sales representative will contact you as soon as possible.